Agriculture in Carroll County is a diverse industry including, livestock and milk production, grains, egg production, fruits, vegetables and more. The Carroll County Agriculture Extension Agent provides technical and educational information to county farmers to keep them up-to-date on current methods of production.

  • Johnsongrass

    Beginning Farmers

    The Maryland Beginning Farmer Success Project is a University of Maryland Extension partnership program providing new farmers with resources and contacts to be able to explore enterprise options, refine ideas, develop plans and strategies, and implement their farming practice.

  • Hops Vines at Western MD Research & Education Center

    Hops in Maryland

    In an effort to support the new and rapidly growing brewing industry in Maryland, 24 varieties of hops have been established at the University of Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station in Keedysville, Maryland. The hops are being managed intensively with regard to fertility and irrigation, as well as insect, disease and weed management using IPM principles.

  • Nutrient Management

    In 1998, the Water Quality Improvement Act (WQIA) was enacted and many changes were brought about which affected Maryland’s agricultural community. Most notable among the changes are the requirement for farmers to obtain and implement a nutrient management plan if they meet either of the following criteria for their agricultural operation:
    8 or more animal units (8,000 pounds of live animal weight) or
    $2,500 gross annual income from the agricultural operation