Calvert County Master Gardener Bay-Wise Program
Calvert County is a long, narrow peninsula bordered on the West by the Patuxent River and by the Chesapeake Bay on the East. Our residents live within a mile or less of a shoreline or a tributary that flows directly into the River or the Bay. How we maintain our own landscapes affects the health of our local waterways, the Chesapeake Bay, our citizens and our environment. If we all change a few simple landscape practices, we can help keep Calvert and Maryland communities healthy.

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Saving the Bay One Yard at a Time by Melanie Crowder and Karen Anderson
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Creating a Tiered Garden by Melanie Crowder and Karen Anderson

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Tiered Garden Tutorial


The University of Maryland Extension Bay-Wise Program would like to encourage you to use sustainable management practices in your yard and garden, that will help improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Areas of focus include: 
Encourage Wildlife
Protect the Waterfront
Mow Properly/ Water Efficiently
Manage Yard Pests with Integrated Pest Management 
Mulch Appropriately/ Recycle Yard Waste
Fertilize Wisely
Plant Wisely
Include Native Plants

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Resources for Master Gardeners who complete yard visits
Bay-Wise Home Visit Guidelines
Additional Guidelines and Resources for Bay-Wise Home Owner Visits
Yardstick for Landscapes
Yardstick for Food Gardens
Yardstick for Small Space Gardens
Recommendations for Storing BW Yardstick Data

Calvert Bay-Wise Program

Home or Community Site Visit
Bay-Wise trained Master Gardeners are available to provide information on dealing with concerns such as storm water management, erosion and inclusion of native plants in the landscape. You can invite us to visit your yard or community space to provide a Consultation or Certification.

1. Fillable Bay-Wise Yardstick to see how your yard measures up! Yardstick for Small Space GardensYardstick for Landscapes or Yardstick for Food Gardens.

2. For more information on Bay-Wise practices, watch this video.

3. To request a yard or community space visit and to start spreading the Bay-Wise philosophy in your neighborhood, please contact the Calvert County Extension Office at 410-535-3662.