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Maryland SNAP-Ed is in the midst of the Eat Your Words campaign. Starting with the distribution of 50,000 copies of the book Sylvia's Spinach to partnering schools across Maryland, SNAP-Ed is using the book as a launch to a summer of trying something new. Whether it's experimenting with gardening, visiting the farmers market, or cooking and trying new foods as a family, we hope everyone will be like Sylvia and let new experiences open your mind!

In this video, we are visited by a representative of the Governor's Office of Community Initiatives to honor families who are making reading and healthy eating a priority. We are then joined by the author of Sylvia's Spinach, Katherine Pryor, to read the book aloud (starting at 7:26).

Enjoy! And follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the campaign and local events highlighting ways you can make this a fresh food summer!


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