Aquaculture Business Planning and Management

There are many factors that can influence the success of your aquaculture business.  None may be as important as a sound and thorough business plan.  Developing a sound business plan will help you think through your business and make decisions about your operation before you invest money.  In addition, a business plan is vital if you plan to seek financing for your operation.

Being able to accurately determine cost and return in business allows you to plan to maximize potential profit and determine expenses, cash flow and other important aspects of management. In a business with as many risks as aquaculture this is a wise choice to begin your business planning. This online tool will give you the opportunity to do “what if” scenarios when planning your business. As you gain more accurate figures from the operation of your business it will be a valuable tool to track and make better projections for fine tuning it. 

Online Economic Spreadsheet Tool for Oyster Aquaculture Link (Google Chrome is the preferred browser for this tool)

Online Economic Spreadsheet Tool for Oyster Aquaculture Instructions

Interpreting Results from the UMD Online Economic Spreadsheet Tool for Oyster Aquaculture

Maryland Online Shellfish Aquaculture Business Planning Tool Webinar

Aquaculture Business Planning Webinar

If you would like assistance in developing a business plan or evaluating your business, please contact:

Matt Parker, PhD

Aquaculture Business Specialist

University of Maryland Extension

Prince George’s County Office

6707 Groveton Drive

Clinton, MD 20735

301-868-8780 ext 428

(301) 599-6714 (fax)