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Updated: July 20, 2022

Legal Liability of Saving Seeds in an Era of Expiring Patents (FS-1000)

2014 marked the expiration of Monsanto’s patent on the first generation Roundup Ready© technology. But, this expiration does not mean that farmers using seed from first generation Roundup Ready© technology will be able to save harvested seed for planting a subsequent crop. Many seed companies utilizing this technology may consider other federal law protections afforded them. One such protection would be the Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA). Another protection would be the use of contracts. A company also may look at utilizing patent law to limit seed saving. You will need to consider each one of these to determine if saving the seed is allowed. Author: Paul Goeringer; Title: Legal Liability of Saving Seeds in an Era of Expiring Patents (FS-1000)
Updated: January 9, 2021

Fall Soil Nitrate Test (FSNT) (EBR-15)

Recent research has demonstrated that winter wheat and barley grain yields and economic return to fertilizer applications are not reliably improved by a fall nitrogen application when an adequate amount of nitrate already exists in the soil. Regulations effective October 2012 require that farmers who plant wheat and barley for grain production must test for soil nitrate concentration before they may apply nitrogen in fall.