Urban Forestry Policy

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Updated: February 4, 2021

Managing Deer Damage in Maryland (EB-354)

The white-tailed deer is of great economic and aesthetic importance to Maryland citizens. But an overpopulation of deer can result in negative consequences, such as damaged crops, landscapes, and forests, and safety concerns due to deer vehicle collisions and Lyme disease. State, local and private groups all have a stake in helping to manage the state's deer population.
Updated: January 6, 2021

Buying & Storing Firewood & Pellets (FS-937)

Whether you buy or cut your own firewood, chances are that you still have plenty left to learn. Even people who have been heating with wood for decades often say “I wish I knew that years ago!” after reading tips like the ones contained here. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are sold substandard cord wood. This sheet will help you avoid getting a raw deal next time you buy firewood. And if you heat with pellets, there are new developments you should know that will impact the fuel you buy.