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Updated: August 16, 2023

Hatching Eggs at Home (FS-1114)

Hatching eggs at home can be a rewarding way to increase the size of your flock, while teaching family and friends about embryology. While chicken eggs are the most common eggs to hatch, eggs from other species can be incubated as well. As always, before starting a hatching project, make sure you have everything in place to take care of the chicks when they hatch and that you comply with all state and local laws. Authors: Jonathan Moyle, Maegan Perdue, Dr. Tom Tabler, Dr. Shawna Weimer, and Jennifer Rhodes; Title: Hatching Eggs at Home (FS-1114)
Updated: April 19, 2023

Sickness Behavior in Chickens (FS-1178)

As a prey species, chickens are stoic and typically suppress signs of weakness, including when they are sick. It is difficult to detect sick chickens because they rarely show signs of illness before it becomes severe. Chickens also instinctually hide sickness behavior in the presence of a perceived threat, such as humans, because such behavior tells predators that the ill chicken may be an easy meal (Figure 1; Tizard, 2008). While sickness is mainly associated with pathogenic disease, sickness behavior can also result from injury, nutrient deficiency, and environmental stressors, such as thermal stress. Authors: Ashlyn Snyder, Dr. Jon Moyle, and Dr.Shawna Weimer; Title: Sickness Behavior in Chickens (FS-1178)
Updated: March 11, 2022

Leg Health in Chickens (FS-1179)

In this fact sheet and in the associated series of infographics, we will examine a variety of illnesses which impact the leg health of poultry, including: Bacterial Chondronecrosis with Osteomyelitis (BCO), Bumblefoot Osteoporosis, Tibial Dyschondroplasia (TD), and Twisted Legs. Authors: Anna Magnaterra and Dr. Shawna Weimer. Title: Leg Health in Chickens (FS-1179).
Updated: January 29, 2021

Selling Shell Eggs to Retailers, Wholesalers, and Food Service Facilities in Maryland

There is a strong consumer demand for locally produced foods including a call for more locally produced eggs. Real profit potential exists for Maryland egg producers to expand their markets in to retail, wholesale and Food Service Facilities in Maryland. This publication provides introductory information and resources that can help Maryland’s egg producers improve their sales of shell eggs into retail channels. Because there are continual changes and updates at both the state and federal levels, please check for the most current edition of any regulations cited in this publication.
Updated: January 7, 2021

Choosing the Best Poultry Breed for Your Small Farm (FS-987)

Deciding on your goal for raising chickens is the first step in determining which breed is best for your farm. The most common reasons as to why people raise chickens include: egg production, meat production, raising birds for show, controlling insects around their property, and breed preservation.