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Updated: January 26, 2023

Bottle Feeding Kids and Lambs (FS-1157)

Bottle feeding kids and lambs is a critical skill for small ruminant producers. When done correctly, these animals can grow into healthy additions to the flock. Mistakes in bottle feeding can lead to sick or dead kids and lambs. This factsheet offers detailed instructions on how to properly bottle feed lambs and kids. Authors: Maegan Perdue and Susan Schoenian Title: Bottle Feeding Kids and Lambs (FS-1157)
Updated: October 21, 2022

Urinary Calculi in Male Goats and Sheep (FS-2021-0581)

Urinary Calculi is a nutritional disease caused by an improper balance of calcium to phosphorus in the diet of goats and sheep. Due to their anatomy, a buildup of urinary calculi can become deadly for male goats and sheep. Proper feeding and proper access to water is essential to prevent this disease. Prompt recognition of urinary calculi is essential to save the animal’s life. A good relationship with a knowledgeable livestock veterinarian is necessary if an emergency arises and owners should seek treatment immediately if urinary calculi is suspected. Treatment by a veterinarian is not always successful and there is a chance it can reoccur, so prevention is key. Authors: Maegan Perdue, Dr. Kimberly Braxton, DVM, Dr. Jonathan Moyle; Title: Urinary Calculi in Male Goats and Sheep (FS-2021-0581)