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Updated: January 30, 2024

Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Industry: 2022 at a Glance (FS-2023-0702)

The Maryland oyster aquaculture industry reported a record harvest of 94,257 bushels in 2022, an increase of 4.5% from the previous record in 2021. Bay scallop harvest also increased by 39.9% compared to 2021. (The number and value of bay scallops harvested is not reported to maintain business privacy since there are fewer than three growers in the state.) The average price of single oysters dropped slightly while the average price for oysters sold as bushels increased. The estimated dockside value of the oyster aquaculture industry in Maryland for 2022 was $7,296,543. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources received 17 new aquaculture lease applications and issued 18 new leases in 2022. Authors: Matthew Parker, Donald Webster, and Rebecca Thur; Title: Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Industry-2022 at a Glance (FS-2023-0702).
Updated: October 9, 2023

Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Industry-2021 at a Glance (FS-2023-0672)

After facing a number of challenges in 2018-2020, the shellfish aquaculture industry in Maryland rebounded in 2021 with a record harvest for oyster aquaculture and the first reported farm-raised bay scallop harvest. The number of leases and acres leased for shellfish aquaculture remained largely consistent with 2020, but oyster harvest increased to a record high of over ninety thousand bushels and a dockside value of over $6 million (Maryland Department of Natural Resources, 2022). Authors: Shannon Hood, Matthew Parker, Cathy Liu, Fredrika Moser, Allen Pattillo, and Donald Webster; Title: Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Industry: 2021 at a Glance (FS-2023-0672)