Updated: March 10, 2023

2023 Western Maryland Regional Fruit Meeting

  • Introductions & Program Overview [slide deck pdf]
    Dr. Joseph Fiola, Specialist in Viticulture and Small Fruit, University of Maryland Extension (UME), WMREC, Keedysville, MD.
  • Nutrient Management Update & Recertification [slide deck pdf]
    Ashby Ruddle Nutrient Management Specialist, MDA, Region 1: Allegany, Garrett, and Washington Counties.
  • Pesticide Regulatory Update & Recertification [slide deck pdf]
    Rob Hofstetter, Program Manager, Pesticide Regulation Section, MDA, Annapolis, MD.
  • Making Value-Added Products from Specialty Crops Legally [slide deck pdf]
    Margaret (Megan) Todd, JD. Legal Research Associate, ALEI, UMD.
  • Thornless Blackberry Varieties for Maryland Production [slide deck pdf]
    Dr. Alan W. Leslie. Agriculture Extension Agent. UME of Charles County.
  • Updates on New and Existing Fungicides for Small Fruit Disease Management [slide deck pdf]
    Dr. Mengjun Hu, Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology, PSLA, UMD.
  • Biological Control Updates for SWD Management [slide deck pdf]
    Dr. Kelly Hamby, Associate Professor/Extension Specialist, Entomology, UMD.
  • Reassessing Mating Disruption for Key Lepidopteran Pests in Non-compliant Apple Blocks [slide deck pdf]
    Dr. Laura Nixon, Visiting Scientist, Entomology, USDA-ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station.
  • Traceability & Food Safety Program [slide deck pdf]
    Carol Allen, Agent Associate in Food Safety, PSLA, UMD.
  • Breeding New Apple Trees for Maryland; Combining Heat and Fireblight Tolerance with Reduced Pruning and Training Needs [slide deck pdf]
    Dr. Chris Walsh, Emeritus Professor, PSLA, UMD.
  • Production of Blueberry Fruit Using Containerized, Primocane-Fruiting Plants, Under Protected Cultivation [slide deck pdf]
    Dr. Chris Walsh, Emeritus Professor, PSLA, UMD. 

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