Updated: June 22, 2022

Financial Resources for Septic Systems

USDA Rural Development:

For communities:

For Homeowners:


Financial Assistance for Repairing Septic Systems

Similar to any mechanical device or appliance, septic systems have a lifespan and require regular maintenance. Concrete or plastic tanks can last 50 years plus, and the average lifespan of a drainfield component of a system is 2-40 years depending on system type and soil characteristics. Repairing or replacing a system can be a significant expense, and is often especially challenging for lower or fixed income households. Fortunately, there are several federal, state and local government grant or loan programs to help with costs. The following is a list of several major financial assistance programs. It is advisable to check with your county government to determine if they have any programs.


US Department of Agriculture Rural Development:

For communities -

Rural Decentralized Water Systems Grant Program:

For Homeowners -

Individual Water and Wastewater Grants: