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Updated: May 30, 2023

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April 2023

Protect Your Farm from Bird Flu: Tips For Managing Wild Birds During Migration Season

Madhusudan Timilsina DVM, MS, and Mostafa Ghanem DVM, MS, Ph.D., Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Maryland

Migrant birds traverse across the United States two times a year; they travel from the North to South in the late summer through fall and back to the North in late winter through spring.  Read more here>> 

The 2023 Delmarva Chicken Festival To Celebrate 100 Years of Growing Chicken 

At a March 13 press conference, Zach Evans, DCA’s Board President, of Mountaire Farms, made the announcement welcoming back the Chicken Festival for the special 100 year celebration of growing chicken on Delmarva to be held at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium in Salisbury, Oct 7, 2023.  Read more here>> 

Citizen’s Group Brings Action That USDA Violated Federal Law in Granting Loan Guarantees

 By Paul Goeringer, Senior Faculty Specialist, UME, Agricultural & Resource Economics

 In late 2022, a citizens’ group brought suit against U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Farm Credit Mid-America, and two poultry growers (Dan Nguyen and Trang Nguyen) for claims that the loan guarantees USDA gave on Farm Credit loans to the two growers violated federal law. Read more here>>  

On-Farm Hatching Technology

Jennifer Timmons, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

 The alternative to hatching eggs in a hatchery is on-farm hatching. This system is being investigated in Europe.  With the on-farm hatching system, the steps in this process are a little different.  Read more here>>  

Estate and Succession Planning Survey is Now Available for Maryland Agricultural Operators

By Paul Goeringer, Senior Faculty Specialist, UME, Agricultural & Resource Economics

 Researchers from the University of Maryland are surveying the estate and succession planning needs of Maryland agricultural operations. All agricultural producers, service providers, and anyone working with operators may participate in the survey.  Delaware residents may also fill this out.  Read more here>>  

Landowner-Oriented Agricultural Law Online Modules Now Available

 The So You Want to Own Farmland in Maryland course is now available through the University of Maryland’s Enterprise Learning Management System.  Read more here>> 

Coming Events!

2023 Grower Lunch Breaks and More

  •    May 3:  Energy and Cost Share @ Caroline Co. 4-H Park, Denton

  •    June 7:  DCA Booster BBQ @ Fairgrounds, Harrington, DE

  •    September 6:  Taxes @ Caroline Co. 4-H Park, Denton

  •    October 7:  Delmarva Chicken Festival Arthur W. Perdue Stadium, Salisbury 

  •    November 1:  Insurance @ Caroline Co. 4-H Park, Denton

  •    December 6:  Insurance @ MDA, Salisbury

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