November 16, 2022
By Dr. Nicole Fiorellino

The University of Maryland offers a fee-based, corn hybrid performance testing program to local and national seed companies. The results from these replicated trials provide agronomic performance information about corn hybrids tested at five locations in Maryland considered representative of the state’s geography and weather conditions.

Hybrids tested in 2022 were entered by participating seed companies that were solicited for submission of hybrids. These hybrids represented those currently available for purchase to experimental lines still under evaluation. Select Pioneer hybrids were identified for use as checks in the test. The inclusion of the performance data for check hybrids that are proven performers in the Mid-Atlantic region allows comparisons of newer hybrids to proven hybrids.

During 2022, 72 hybrids were tested using three maturity groups: early season (12 hybrids, Table 5), mid-season (20 hybrids, Table 6), and full season (40 hybrids, Table 7). Each company designated maturity group assignments for hybrids they submitted. Check hybrids were included in each of the five tests.

To view the entire 38-page report, click the link below. Results are also posted on the Maryland Crops webpage at Hard copies are available upon request through your local Extension office.

Download Report in Maryland/2022 Corn Hybrid Trials Results.pdf

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