The Howard County 4-H Program has a wide variety of clubs that meet in various locations across the county.  The traditional age 4-H clubs are for youth between the ages of 8-18 as of January 1st.  Clover 4-H clubs offer programming to youth between the ages of 5-7 as of January 1st.

How do I find a club?

Below you will find the list of clubs, the club organizational leader and email address.  It is recommended that you contact the club leader to let them know you would like to attend their next meeting and to verify the meeting date, time and place.

Visit a few club meetings from different clubs to help you decide which club seems like a good club for you/your child.  When you are ready to join, talk with the club leader about joining their club.  The club organizational leader will have all of the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed to join 4-H.  A youth needs to attend a club meeting in order to join the Howard County 4-H program.

Youth can join 4-H anytime during the year, however, if they would like to participate in the Howard County Fair, they need to be enrolled as a member by June 1st of the current year.

If you have any questions please contact, 4-H Administrative Assistant at 410-313-2707.

Club Leader Contacts Location and Time

Birds of a Feather

Ages 8-18


Kathy Windley

Maureen Yencha


Howard County Fairgrounds

3rd Friday - 7:00 pm

Bullseye 4-H Junior Gun

Ages 8-18

Shooting Sports

Lorraine Clemmer

Howard County Fairgrounds

2nd Thursday - 7:00 pm


Ages 8-18


Rachel Troppman

Lisbon United Methodist Church

2nd Thursday - 6:30 pm


Ages 8-18

Marcie Quill

Howard County Fairgrounds

4th Thursday - 7:00 pm

Dayton Clovers

Ages 5-7

Darla Church

Howard County Fairgrounds

4th Thursday - 7:00 pm

Happy Hounds

Ages 8-18


Page King

Howard County Fairgrounds

2nd Thursday - 7:00 pm

Hare Raisers

Ages 8-18


Kathi Wilson


Howard County Fairgrounds

2nd Friday - 7:00 pm


Ages 8-18

Dan Barvenik


Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship

Sunday - 1:pm

Howard County Beef

Ages 8-18


Lauren Bresnock

Dallas Briggs

Howard County Fairgrounds

2nd Tuesday - 7:15 pm

Howard County Dairy
Ages 8-18


Tess Mantua

Howard County Fairgrounds

1st Thursday - 7:00 pm

North Laurel Leader

Ages 5-7 & 8-18

Roanne Smallwood


Forest Ridge Elementary

2nd Friday - 7:00 pm

Patapsco Valley

Age 8-18

Heather Helm


Hebron House

2nd Monday - 7:00 pm


Ages 5-7 & 8-18

Laura Reifsnider


Poplar Springs UMC

1st Friday - 7:00 pm

Spur & Stirrup

Ages 8-18


Carly Earp Benitez

Cyndi Lemmon

Howard County Fairgrounds

4th Tuesday - 7:00 pm

West Friendship Livestock

Ages 8-18

Pam Roth

Howard County Fairgrounds

3rd Wednesday - 7:00 pm