Improving water quality through stormwater management and watershed restoration techniques, Watershed Restoration Specialists work with local and state governments, watershed organizations, and community groups in Maryland to build partnerships, identify funding sources, and advise/assist in the planning, implementation and monitoring of restoration projects. Specialists facilitate measurable reductions in water pollution in the following ways:

  • Classes and workshops teach homeowners how to improve water quality in their own backyard with practices like rain barrels, rain gardens, and tree planting

  • Technical Assistance Programs help communities address Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) regulations and requirements

  • Watershed Restoration Projects emerge from collaborative partnerships and effect

  • Watershed Restoration Specialists also connect watershed science to policy makers and community leaders to make the most effective water quality decisions.

For more information about Sea Grant or Water Quality, call 410-887-8090 and ask for Claire Cambardella, Regional Watershed Restoration Specialist.

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