Nutrient Management


Anne Arundel is in the process of hiring a Nutrient Management Advisor; therefore the program is currently being operated under a “Shared Interim Coverage Agreement." When you are ready to update your nutrient management plan, please contact Emileigh Lucas, Nutrient Management Communications Specialist to have an advisor assigned to you, at: or 301-405-2465.  


University of Maryland Extension Nutrient Management Advisors develop nutrient management plans for our county’s farmers. This program helps guide farmers with their applications of fertilizer/manure and ultimately protects water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.  Visit the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program for more information on the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program.

Your nutrient management advisor can develop a no-cost nutrient management plan, minus the cost of analyses, for your farm operation. They can be contacted at 410 222-3906.


If you are a farmer who grosses over $2500 and/or has over 8000 pounds of livestock, you need a nutrient management plan. Contact the office prior to coming to the office to set up an initial meeting. During the initial meeting the advisor will explain soil and manure sampling if you are unfamiliar with University of Maryland’s specific protocols, and discuss your farming operation including crops grown, fields, where manure is spread, and information about livestock. 


Your advisor will work to develop your plan after all information has been provided to her. The time to develop a plan is variable based on the time of year, number of clients ahead of you, and the specific details of your operation. Please allow enough time for plan development, call for more information. Once your plan has been completed, you will be walked you through the plan and can assist you with any further questions. 


Please note that your advisor can run PSNT and FSNTs and provide an addendum to current plans for any farmer, even if they do not have a plan with Extension. Please call for details. 


Soil Sampling Procedures 

Comparison of Soil Test Labs 

Comparison of Manure Test Labs 

Comparison of Compost Test Labs 

Comparison of Plant Tissue Labs

Comparison of Growing Media Labs

Soil Sampling for Optimizing Agricultural Production in Maryland

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