Program Areas

  • Farm animals dogs and cats

    Animal Sciences

    Youth in 4-H Animal Science projects learn and practice life skills with an emphasis on decision making, acquiring knowledge and taking personal responsibility through participation in 4-H animal science opportunities such as project animal care, judging and bowl events.

  • Frog, lakes, swimming, archery and shooting sports

    Environmental Sciences

    Journey through fields, forests, wetlands and urban areas to discover the wonders and mysteries of Maryland’s natural environment. Through their 4-H environmental and outdoor education projects young people will learn about the interconnection of people and nature.

  • public speaking, cooking, kid on a bike, fashion review

    Healthy Living

    Our programming empowers youth to be healthy – body and mind – with the skills to make healthy decisions and lead healthy lifestyles. Having the confidence and skills to lead healthy lifestyles not only improves overall well-being; it enables youth to tackle life’s challenges today and become leaders in their lives, careers and communities as they grow into responsible adulthood.

  • Great Brittan

    International Programs

    Maryland 4-H has the unique opportunity to offer new and exciting programs to youth and families. Through this intercultural program, we are growing leaders, developing global perspectives, and engaging communities.

  • Space, robotics, shark heart, engineering

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

    4‑H STEM programs provide kids opportunities to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through hands-on projects.

  • State Council members at Congress

    Youth and Adult Leadership

    "Leadership" is "a broad concept related to the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and aspirations utilized by one or more persons in influencing, motivating, inspiring and otherwise causing desired actions and reactions by others."