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Jennifer (Jenny) Rhodes, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Food Systems, coordinates the agriculture program in Queen Anne's County.  Her office door is always open, so please feel free to stop by, pick up the phone or email her if you have any problems, concerns, or ideas for new programs.


For over 150 years, University of Maryland Extension has fulfilled its mission of delivering science-based education to Maryland communities. We will not waiver on that promise. Our educators and faculty members are quickly developing new learning opportunities to continue to meet the needs of our customers and are working to ensure you have the science-based information you need to protect people and reinvigorate businesses threatened by COVID-19. 

We are ready to serve you.

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Agriculture Extension programs include:

Timely Ag Issues/Grain Marketing

Effective grain marketing is as important as growing the crop itself.  By understanding your cost of production, market trends and pricing tools you can make profitable sales decisions.

Local Timely Ag Issues / Grain Marketing meets are being held Monthly on Tuesday's at 7:30 a.m.

UME QAC Extension Office,  505 Railroad Ave., Centreville, MD

(Use the Front Entrance)

See the newsletter for current dates

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Women In Agriculture

Women in Agriculture is a yearly conference.  The goals of the conference are to offer women who are involved with agriculture an opportunity to come together to learn about current issues and topics so they can make informed decisions concerning their agribusinesses and family lives.  Conference sessions will cover topics in risk management including marketing, financial, legal, human resource and production.

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Commercial Poultry Production

The Commercial Poultry Production website was created to provide Maryland’s poultry industry and growers with general practical knowledge about poultry production practices in order to continue to develop, maintain, and operate economically viable and environmentally responsible poultry operations in the state.


Annie's Project

Annie's Project is designed to empower farmwomen to develop networks and skills key to making successful farm transitions. Through the courses, farm women find answers, strength, and friendship, and grow in confidence, business skills, and community prestige.

Beginning Farmer Success

Beginning Farmer Success is a University of Maryland Extension partnership program providing farmers with tools and education to explore, refine, develop and implement farm businesses.

Ag Marketing

Statewide Extension programs in agricultural marketing are being created and implemented at the Western Maryland Research & Education Center (WMREC) by Ginger S. Myers, Regional Extension Marketing Specialist.

Small Flock Production

Interested in owning a small flock? Do you already have a small flock? Raising a backyard flock can be very rewarding for the entire family.  Click here for more information about raising your own small flock.

LEAD Maryland

LEAD Maryland Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and developing leadership for agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities. Learn more about LEAD Maryland