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Forest stewardship is the responsible management of forest resources that meet the needs of the current owners, but that does not detract or degrade their use by future generations. Responsible forest managers are aware of opportunities and consequences of actions and are guided by objectives.

A forest stewardship plan can guide a property owner to meet long-term conservation objectives for forest land. This written document describes the forest resources present on the property, the landowner's management goals and objectives, and the recommended practices or activities to be carried out over time on the land. For further information, please see the University of Maryland Extension's Fact Sheet 625: Developing a Forest Stewardship Plan - The Key to Forest Management.

Property owners may also wish to develop a forest conservation easement.  The University of Maryland Cooperative Extension's publication, Working Forest Conservation Easements: A Primer for Forest Landowners, is an estate planning tool that helps private forest landowners to ensure that their forest stewardship efforts extend beyond their tenure. 

Consider taking your woodland status to the next level by becoming a Maryland Woodland Steward. After participating in a four-day in-depth workshop to learn about each of the topics discussed on this page, you can share your knowlege with others about Forest Stewardship.

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