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5/24/17: Communicating on Difficult Topics and with Difficult People
Kay-Megan Washington, Program Administrator for the Maryland Agricultural Conflict Resolution Service, will provide you with concrete tips on how to deal talk about uncomfortable subjects with people it can be uncomfortable to talk with. Learn how to clarify what you want, what they want, how to make them feel heard and make sure they hear you, and how to come up with solutions that work for everyone. 

6/14/17: How to Create Social Media Memes, and Other Photo Apps
An effective social media presence involves using images. Learn how to create memes, which is simply text attractively laid across an image. Learn what photo apps help turn photos into dynamite digital messages that capture attention!

6/28/17: Can I Use This Picture? Media Law
Have you ever found an image on the Internet and used it online, in a presentation, on a blog or website? Was it okay to do that? We'll review the legal use of image copyright and provide sources where you can find free or low cost images. Learn how to protect, contribute or contribute your images. Learn how digital photos can lead to increased SEO.

7/12/17: Email Newsletters, Tips and Tools
Are you overwhelmed by the thought of writing your own e-newsletter? It’s not as difficult as you might think to create an engaging newsletter to wow your readers! In this webinar we will discuss the nuts and bolts of developing a newsletter, criteria for content, frequency of distribution, the best way to grow a newsletter, and how to use it to generate revenue and build relationships. In addition to discussing best practices, we’ll even share a few tools to measure your success! 

7/26/17:  Hiring Farm Employees - Process and Recommendations
Employees are an important part of the business but can also be a big challenge. If you currently have employees, or have been considering adding a work force to your organization, this webinar is for you.  The session will explore the hiring process and ways to acquire employees that best fit your operation.


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