University of Maryland Extension

Smart Choice Health Insurance Basics

Choosing the right health care insurance plan is important and can prevent large unexpected health care expenses.  This webinar will increase your understanding of health insurance and provide strategies for selecting a health care plan that will meet your health care needs and your spending plan.


Jesse Ketterman, University of Maryland Extension,

Maria Pippidis, University of Delaware,

Presentation Materials:

Workbook: My Smart Choice

Smart Choice Informed Consent

1) Important Words to Know

2) The Cost of a Broken Arm Activity

3) The Cost of a Broken Arm Comparison

4) Health Insurance Protects and Provides for You and Your Family

5) Types of Health Insurance

6) Marketplace Financial Help

7) Saving for Health and Medical Expenses

8) Helping you make a good guess for out of pocket expenses

9) Your Smart Choices Checklist

9a) Glossary of Health Coverage and medical terms

9b) Reliable Resources from the Internet

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