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Wicomico County 2020 4-H Fair

The Wicomico County 2020 4-H Fair goes VIRTUAL!


Wicomico County 4-H Program, University of Maryland Extension

Amy Rhodes, 4-H Educator,

Barbara Barga, 4-H Program Assistant,

PDF Document of Wicomico 4-H Virtual Fair Book

Will 4-H participate in the Wicomico County Fair?

Unfortunately, the Wicomico County Fair Board, in concert with Wicomico County Officials and the Wicomico County Health Department, has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Wicomico County Fair.  

The Maryland 4-H Program is taking extreme caution when opening up events to our 4-Hers to ensure their protection during COVID-19. Limitations in 4-H public gatherings and events will not allow the Wicomico 4-H Program to participate in, in-person events. We know that this is disappointing for many of our youth who have been working hard all year on 4-H items they were hoping to put on display. 

However, the Wicomico County Fair Board has voted to provide generous support to the Wicomico County 4-H Virtual Fair.

How can Wicomico 4-H participate?

The Wicomico 4-H Program has worked hard to give our 4-Hers an alternative option to highlight their items virtually. The virtual fair will require the upload of photographs of submission items into an entry form, these items will then be judged, awarded and put on display via our website, Facebook, and through email. The Fair is in full support of our virtual showcase and is also allowing the awarding of premium dollars for entry winners, just like our past shows. This is wonderful for our 4-Hers as they can still be awarded with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Champion Ribbons and premium money.

Premium Awards

Ribbons will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries in each class. Premium money award amounts are $6, $5, and $4. A Purple Ribbon and a $10 award will be awarded to one Champion in each Division if there are sufficient entries. Checks will be mailed to participants, once the fair paperwork has been tabulated. Awards are financed in part through a grant from the Maryland Agricultural Fair Board. We express our appreciation for their interest and assistance in Maryland Agriculture.

If I am a 4-Her from a county other than Wicomico, can I still enter items?

No, not this year. In past years we have allowed 4-Hers from around the neighboring counties to enter in the 4-H division. Due to limited capacity in managing virtual entries we are sorry to say that this year we will only accept entries from enrolled Wicomico 4-H members.

How do I register and enter items?

Online only submissions through 4-H entry forms. The entry process will be completely different than in the past and we are working to make it as easy to use as possible. This virtual process is something we have had to build ourselves with a quick turnaround to ensure the 4-Hers have an opportunity to participate. You will notice we have very limited categories, we do apologize for this as we would have preferred to offer many more. With developing this system ourselves, we do not have the capacity or technology to offer a larger selection at this time.  Each child is limited to submit a total of 15 entries, 10 for clovers.

Entries can be submitted July 18-August 1. We hope that this two week time frame allows you a greater window of time to collect and organize your child’s entries.

To register your child and enter items into the Wicomico 4-H Virtual Fair you will visit the links for your child’s age bracket and submit through the entry form.

Clover (age 5-7)

Junior (age 8-10) 

Intermediate (age 11-13) 

Senior (age 14-18) 


  • Each child will be entered separately.
  • Youth must be a currently enrolled Wicomico 4-H member.
  • Clovers will not win premium money, but be awarded participation ribbons like in past years.
  • Only 15 entries per child allowed in Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age brackets. Clovers allowed 10 entries of their choosing.
  • Entries can be edited and updated after submission, email confirmations will be automatically sent to you.
  • Registration is open July 18-August 1 at midnight.
  • Virtual Presentation of winners and submissions will be August 22, shared on Facebook and links on our website.
  • Premium money will be mailed to winners, same as in past years from the Wicomico Fair.
  • Award ribbons will be mailed to winners from the 4-H office.

What other ways can I register?

Due to limitations in this virtual fair, we are only allowing registration and entry submission via the online entry form. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Email submissions will not be accepted.

Photo Submissions

Each submission will consist of a photo or photos of their item for each Division. Please take clear and readable photos. Use good lighting, and make sure you are close enough without getting blurry. These photos are your child's submission, hard to read or poor image quality will impact the judges’ decisions. We understand families may have limitations for taking photos and submitting them online, please do your best and we will work with you to address any questions that may arise.

Exhibitor Expectations

Exhibitors and entries must comply with the “Section Rules & Regulations”. The Maryland 4-H Youth Development Program expects all 4-H members to abide by the rules & guidelines presented in the documents “Maryland 4-H Code of Conduct” and “Maryland 4-H Disciplinary Policy and Procedures”. All documents are available from a 4-H office or the State 4-H Office. Exhibitors who do not obey rules, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as established in the Code of Conduct. 4-H members who are disciplined and removed from the fair forfeit all premiums.


Entices will be judged by the numerical system of “1st Place”, “2nd Place”, or “3rd Place”. The placing shall depend upon the merit of the entry and will be left to the sole discretion of the judges. In the event, there is but only one entry in a class, the placing shall depend upon the merit of that entry and the award made at the discretion of the judges.

Thank You

Wicomico County 4-H is appreciative of your patience and understanding during this transition time. It has included lots of changes and learning from our end as well as yours. We hope this experience will be a fun new way to embrace our situation and still move forward. With your continued support we look forward to seeing the amazing entries your child is submitting.


Entry Form Links

Clover (age 5-7) (Limited to 10 entries)

Junior (age 8-10) (Limited to 15 entries)

Intermediate (age 11-13) (Limited to 15 entries)

Senior (age 14-18) (Limited to 15 entries)

Section Categories

Home Environment

Section Rules & Regulations:

  1. Judging criteria: quality of workmanship; usefulness/functional home use items; color and design application; personal creativity; cleanliness.
  2. Upload 2 photos of each work.  ** Front and Back of item** 

HE1- Decorative Pillow - Machine or hand-made quilted

HE2- Decorative Pillow Plain

HE3- Pillowcase

HE4- Fabric Wreath

HE5- Fabric Toy - doll or stuffed animal


Section Rules & Regulations:

  1. All entries must be sewn unless specified by class.
  2. Judging criteria: quality of workmanship; coordination of fabric, pattern, notions, intended use; cleanliness; personal creativity
  3. Clothing pattern guide sheets are not required.
  4. Upload two photos of work. (front and back of clothing) 

CL1- Clothing Accessory - apron, face mask, tie

CL2- Blouse or shirt

CL3- Dressy Outfit - One or two piece (Dress, Pants Suit)

CL4- Pants / Shorts / Skirt

CL5- Pajamas, nightgown or sleepwear

CL6- Re-designed t-shirt garment, - fabric screen painted, embellished with accessories


Section Rules & Regulations:

  1. An original craft is an item that has been designed, created, and prepared by the exhibitor.
  2. Craft entries will be evaluated in terms of the following definition of a quality craft: “A quality craft reflects the crafters imagination and skill in creating decorative and/or useful handmade items from appropriate designs and materials.”
  3. Upload two photos of each work. (two different angles, or front and back) 

CR1- Heritage Craft Entry

CR2- Holiday Craft

CR3- Mask Making (must be wearable)

CR4- Wreath Entry

CR5- Nature Craft

Fine Arts

Section Rules & Regulations:

  1. Pictures painted by numbers are not allowed.
  2. Cartoon figures, such as Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and other copyrighted images may not be used.
  3. Upload one photo of each work. 

FA1- Acrylic Painting Entry

FA2- Water Color Painting Entry

FA3- Black and White Pencil Drawing Entry

FA4- Color Pencil Drawing Entry

FA5- Pen and Ink Drawing Entry


Section Rules & Regulations:

  1. An original craft is an item that has been designed, created, and prepared by the exhibitor.
  2. Craft entries will be evaluated in terms of the following definition of a quality craft: “A quality craft reflects the crafters imagination and skill in creating decorative and/or useful handmade items from appropriate designs and materials.”
  3. Upload two photos of each work. (two different angles, or front and back)

P1- Landscape/Seascape Entry

P2- Flowers or Plants Entry

P3- Transportation

P4- Agriculture Themed

P5- Wildlife and Nature

P6- Pets

Educational Posters

Section Rules & Regulations:

  1. Each 4-H Member may only enter one poster per class.
  2. Posters must be educational and contain factual information.
  3. Exhibitors may use any med. including: marker, crayon, acrylic, oil, ink or collage from prints or photos.
  4. Judging Criteria: Theme; Originality; Lettering; Composition; Use of Color.
  5. Upload one photos of each work.

EP1- Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyles and Fitness

EP2- Hobby (Photography, Fishing, Sports)

EP3- Science Related

EP4- Domesticated Animals

EP5- Wildlife



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