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Exercise Equivalents

The primary goal of Walk MD! is to encourage people to participate in regular activity to increase overall health. The exercise equivalents in the chart below below were developed so participants who enjoy activities in addition to walking can log credit for those different activies. These exercise values have been estimated by average caloric burn for a 150 lb. person exercising at moderate intensity levels for 30 minutes. These are estimates. You may also log 1 miles for any exercise that makes you breathe hard and sweat (see chart below).

Walkers may wear their pedometer all day and report their total miles for the day by dividing their steps by 2,000. Two thousand steps measured with a pedometer = 1 mile.

Walk MD! also provides an on-line calculator developed by the Walk Across Texas program offered by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Program. This calculator offers even more categories than the Walk MD! Exercise Equivalents Chart, and also calculates calories burned during the physical activities. In order to use this calculator, participants must enter their weight as well as minutes engaged in a specific activity. This calculator can be accessed as part of our interactive map, and is also located in the Resources section. Click here to try it out!

Click here to print out a .pdf of the Walk MD! Exercise Equivalent Chart

Adapted from Rutgers University Extension; Walk New Jersey Point-to-Point;
University of Maryland Extension, Worcester County 4-H.

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