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UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EXTENSION webpages on the following: 
UME Agriculture Webpage
This is a great place to start to explore the resources we have available.
Ag Marketing WebsiteMarketing for new farmers, alternative crops, and value-added products.  This website has LOTS of great information on the business side of things, which is where a lot of farmers run into barriers.  If you have an idea for a farm or food business, but don't know where to go next, this is the place to go next. 
Beginning Farmer Success WebsiteNew farmers may want to start here for tips on how to get started, and what training and resources are available. 
Maryland Vegetables WebsiteThis is our main website for information on growing vegetables in Maryland. 
Commercial Ornamental Hortculture ...Focusing on IPMLook here for information about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (managing insects and diseases) for horticulture systems, such as greenhouses, nurseries, landscaping, and cut flowers. 
Agricultural Nutrient Management ProgramThis program helps farmers manage nutrients to grow healthy crops while protecting water quality. 
Agriculture Law Education InitiativeThis website tries to de-mystify farm-related rules and regulations. 
Food Safety of Fresh Fruits and VegetablesThis is where the Walsh and Beaulieu Lab post resources for vegetable farmers on Good Agricultural Practices. 
Pesticide Education and Assessment ProgramThis is where we share information about how to use pesticides safely and how to become certified to use Restricted Use Pesticides. 
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