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Topic Name of ArticleBrief Description
Business Planning

Invest in your farm's success: Write stuff down!

Looking for a lawyer or insurance agent? Here are two lists that can help you find one who understands farms.

Article on Business Planning
Author: Neith Little   |   Post date: Dec 29, 2016

Article on how to find a farm-experienced lawyer or insurance agent. 
Author: Neith Little
Post Date: May 2019

Diseases & PestsMay showers bring June crop diseases Article on damping off and early blight seen in 2017.
Authors: Neith Little, Andrew Kness, Dr. Kathryn Everts.   |   Post Date: Jun 6, 2017
High TunnelsDon't cook your crops!

Article on high tunnel heat management.
Author: Neith Little   |   Post date: May 3, 2017

MarketingMastering MarketingMastering Marketing is produced by Ginger S. Myers, Extension Marketing Specialist and is published monthly/periodically containing important seasonal marketing information.
Nutrient ManagementWhat is a balanced diet for plants?Article on nutrient managment. 
Author: Neith Little   |   Post date: Aug 1, 2017
LivestockLearn more about urban livestock

Guide to educational resources on the small flocks of poultry, sheep, goats, bees, aquaculture, aquaponics, earthworms, and other insects. 

Crop production

Learn more about mushroom production (fungiculture)


Specialty vegetables



Learn more about growing media

Guide to educational resources on mushroom production, both log-based and indoors.

Concise introduction to growing hard-to-find vegetables, with links to guides for production of ethnic specialty vegetables and suggestions for seed companies. 

Links to resources on understanding soil-less growing media. 



University of Maryland Extension publishes a variety of newsletters that urban farmers may find relevant:

Topic Name of NewsletterBrief Description
Urban AgUrban Agriculture Extension This is the monthly newsletter of Urban Ag Extension in Baltimore City. Subscribe  to stay up to date on upcoming events and the latest articles and resources.
Commercial Fruit & Vegetable ProductionVegetable and Fruit Headline NewsThis newsletter is published monthly during the growing season and provides timely updates on topics relevant to commercial fruit and vegetable production. Subscribe
Greenhouse IPMWeekly Greenhouse Integrated Pest Management ReportThis weekly update is great if you want to brush up on your pest id skills, or get a heads-up on when to expect pests and diseases in your area. The focus is on Integrated Pest Management for greenhouse crops, ornamentals, and nurseries.
Woodland Stewardhip EducationBranching OutThis quarterly newsletter provides information on woodland stewardship and forestry.
Commercial Fruit ProductionHorticulture Technology NewsletterThis annual publication is released in December by University of Maryland Extension & the Maryland State Horticultural Society. It contains articles on recent research and a special section on the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention that takes place in Hershey, PA.



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