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Bay-wise Notebook- MG's


The following Bay-wise notebook serves to guide members and team leaders on how to conduct a site visit. It also contains reference materials for both Master Gardeners and homeowners looking for advice on how to certify their landscape. This notebook and page is intended for Talbot County Master Gardeners in the Bay-wise group only.

The materials posted are a working draft of the notebook for review- please check with Talbot Bay-wise committee chair(s) before use.

*Documents updated 02.2019; plant brochures updated 06.2019

Table of Contents
1. Introduction & Purpose
2. Procedures
2A. Getting Started
2B. Contacting the Client
2B-i. Email Examples
2B-ii. Questionnaire
2C. Planning a Site Visit
2C-i. Talbot Co. Master Gardener Specialists (2018)
2C-ii. Downloading Maps Tutorial
2C-iii. Bay-wise Folder Materials (List)
2D. Conducting a Consultation
2D-i. Consultation Checklist
2D-ii. Baywise Yardstick (8.5"x11")
2D-iii. Photo Release Form
2D-iv. MD Fertilizer Law Info
2D-v. FAQ's for Consultations
2D-vi. Consultation Report Template
2D-viii. Consultation Report Example
2E. Leading a Certification
2E-i. Bay-wise Sign Procedure (In Progress)
3A. Online References
3B. HGIC Publications Available
3C. Potential Program Activities
4A. Plant Suggestions
4B. Plant List Volunteers (MG's)- 2019
4C. Plant Suggestion Brochures
4C-i. Native Groundcovers for Dry Shady Areas Trifold (8.5x11" version)
4C-ii. Native Groundcovers for Sunny Areas Trifold (8.5x11" version)
4C-iii. Beneficial Insect Plants for Sun (8.5x11" version)
4C-iv. Grass for Erosion Control for Shade (8.5x11" version)
4C-v. Meadow Plants for Sun (8.5x11" version)
4C-vi. Plants for Sunny Wet Areas (8.5x11" version)
4C-vii. Pollinator Plants for Sun or Part Shade (8.5x11" version)
4C-viii. Riparian Buffer for Sun (8.5x11" version)
4C-ix. Shoreline Plantings (8.5x11" version)
4C-x. Native Groundcovers for Sun (8.5x11" version)

Bay-wise Landscaping Presentation (PDF with Notes)
2020 Nurture Nature "Shrink Your Lawn" Presentation (PDF with Notes)

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