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Moving Prices; Retaining Customers Mastering Marketing - January 2021Happy New Year 2021, and like every new year before, this is prime planning time for your business.
The Reluctant Entrepreneur Mastering Marketing - December 2020In November, I had the opportunity to give a presentation through the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ (AGNR) new Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship (ACE) Virtual Center webinar series. The presentation was titled, Entrepreneurs-Born or Made?
Dealing with LT: When Biosecurity Matters Most An avian disease the chicken community is familiar with - laryngotracheitis (LT), a highly contagious respiratory disease affecting chickens - is affecting several Delmarva farms this fall.
Good Neighbor Relations - by Jon Moyle Being a good neighbor is important no matter where you live or what you do.  It is even more important when you are a commercial poultry grower as your actions can affect how people view the whole industry.  Visiting with neighbors and addressing their issues should be a standard part of your business plan.  To help address and prevent issues, consider the following su
Make List and Check Your Christmas Sales Plan Twice Mastering Marketing - November 2020Christmas has not been canceled for 2020! The September 2020, issue of the Mastering Marketing newsletter featured tools for holiday planning.
Getting the Most from Your Email Program Spend Mastering Marketing - October 2020business’ email service provider, content delivery format is more important than ever. While several social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are popular for sharing pictures and product promotions, email is still “The King” of online marketing tools.
Plan and Promote 2020 Holiday Sales and Activities Now Mastering Markeing - September 2020
How to Evaluate the Transition Cow Program What is the transition period?The transition period is defined as the 3 weeks before calving through the 3 weeks after calving.  During this time, cows “transition” from a pregnant, non-lactating state to a non-pregnant, lactating state.  This event involves many coordinated physiological changes in the cow, and failure of any one of these changes to occur at the right time or in the r
Fall Agritourism in Maryland–Open for Business Mastering Marketing - Special Edition August 2020
Retain More Customers Using Loyalty Programs Mastering Marketing - August 2020
Don’t Eat a Third Hand Tomato; Come to the Farmers’ Market Mastering Marketing - Special Edition 2020 
Are You and Your Products Ready for Retail Sales? July 2020                                             ARE YOU AND YOUR PRODUCTS READY FOR RETAIL SALES?
Disease Management - Botrytis  Botrytis is a major disease threat as harvest approaches. Botrytis cinerea is a fungus that affects many plant species, especially wine grapes, where it is commonly known as Botrytis bunch rot or gray mold.
The Ripple Effect Mastering Marketing - Special Edition July 2020
Downy Mildew Management Downy mildew is now a year-long challenge for grape growers in the East. Downy mildew is often difficult to manage because it requires specific weather conditions to become a serious threat, but it can develop into an epidemic very quickly in favorable weather.
Agritourism Operations and Liability Concerns this Fall Season Mastering Marketing - July 2020With so many concerns for the Fall agritourism season, here is an informative podcast that helps outline how to mediate some of the risks of hosting events this Fall season.
Adjusting Direct Marketing to Selling On-line, a 24-7 Opportunity Masterning Marketing - Special Edition June 2020
Pivot to Bundling Products to Increase Sales Mastering Marketing - June 2020
Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Resources are Now Available USDA has recently announced a new program to provide assistance to growers and livestock producers who aced price declines and additional marketing costs due to COVID-19. The new Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) will begin to signup on May 26 and close on August 28th. See from USDA.


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