University of Maryland Extension

Beginning Farmers

The Maryland Collaborative for Beginning Farmer Success will increase the number of successful beginning farmers and acreage farmed by them in Maryland, with an emphasis on practical training for beginning farmers.

The project builds on existing University of Maryland Extension resources and partnerships with Future Harvest-CASA, Southern Maryland Agriculture Development Commission, regional nonprofits, agricultural organizations, and experienced farmers to provide beginning farmers with easily accessible tools and practical experience-based training on farm production, marketing, land management, business planning, and financial resources.

Explore: Beginning farmers will be able to explore farming options, understand the components of a successful farm operation, and make decisions about what enterprises best fit their interest.

Refine:  Beginning farmers will be able to further refine their farm interest, understand the requirements and strategies of different farm enterprises and begin developing plans for assessing resources needed to implement a farm plan. 

Develop: Beginning farmers will acquire the skills necessary to develop specific farm production and business plans and obtain needed resources to begin a farm enterprise.

Implement: Beginning farmers will implement farm plans, start agricultural enterprises and continue as successful beginning farmers.

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