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Hilling-Up to Prevent Winter Injury in Vineyards

Timely Viticulture - Post Harvest thu Dormant
Winter injury is the single most limiting factor to grape production in the Eastern United States. Although we had experienced limited damage in the last 20 years, many vineyards in the Mid-Atlantic reported winter injury following the harsh winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15. Although it has not been...
Wines produced by University of Maryland Extension experts and made from grapes grown at the university’s research and education centers proved popular during a recent national competition. Nine...

Japanese Beetles

Timely Viticulture: Mid Season
Japanese beetles can periodically be a significant pest in Maryland vineyards. They create large holes in the younger leaves of vines and cause severe lacing and even fruit damage in heavy infestations. The population build up is typically periodic and cyclic and may require control tactics in...
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