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Featured Plants - Katsuratree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum Elegance is the word to describe this tree. Some would select it in preference to all other trees. Emerging leaves are a bronzy purple that fade to light green and then to blue green. Fall color is yellow to apricot, but it is the leaves’ fragrance that puts it over the top...

Baltimore County Master Gardeners Benefit PLANT SALE

Saturday, May. 11, 2013 - 9:00am to 2:00pm
Baltimore County Agriculture Center
Shade & Sun Perennials, Natives, Deer Resistant Plants, Herbs & Vegetables. Lots of Heirloom Tomatoes! Bigger than ever! In Partnership with Baltimore County Big Tree Sale! Cash or check only!

Featured Plants - Yellowwood, Kentucky Yellowwood

Yellowwood - photo: The Dow Gardens Archive, Dow Gardens,
Cladrastis kentukea When choosing a medium-sized tree (for instance to replace an ash lost to emerald ash borer) consider the yellowwood. This under-planted native packs a big wow factor from its fragrant, pendulous flower panicles in May to early June. The rich green foliage stands out in any...

Featured Plants - Inkberry

Inkberry, Ilex glabra, Expert Plant Picks, native plants
Inkberry, Ilex glabra This holly has moved to center stage as a native alternative for Japanese holly, but its attraction does not stop there. Disease and insect problems are almost nonexistent. Consider, too, its dark evergreen foliage, glossy black berries, and the ability to grow in a reasonably...

Featured Plants - Tulip Poplar

Tulip poplar ( Liriodenddron tulipifera ) is not a tree to plant under a power line. Up to 200 foot specimens of this magnificent native have been recorded, with an average height of about 100 feet and spread of about fifty. However, for a rapidly-growing tree that provides abundant not-too-dense...

Featured Plants - Ironwood

January 2013 Ironwood, Musclewood Carpinus caroliniana This is a native to cherish if you have one and nurture if you can get one. A small tree, it’s the bark that makes it stand out in a forest understory. Smooth and fluted, the bark suggests a lanky flexed bicep. In winter, ironwood’s one inch...


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