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Transition planning

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Transition planning, also called succession planning or estate planning, means having proactive conversations about whether and how your farm has a future beyond you. For a community urban farm , transition planning might include working to improve the common...

Resources for pricing

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Several sites on-line provide excellent resources for checking weekly produce prices based on regional markets. A link to these resources will be at the end of this chapter. Previous page: Where to begin Next page: 3. Place

Where to begin

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Setting your price requires knowing who your customers are and what they are willing to spend on products like yours. It is vital to know your cost of production per item type since pricing below that will mean marketing at a loss. It also requires knowing your...

2. Price

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Whether you’re gearing up to sell at a farmers’ market, through your roadside stand, or by private contract, you cannot thrive in business today without a pricing strategy. The price you set for your product must fall between two points: what the customer is...

What are you selling?

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Producers see their products as the final result of their work. But, we are really seeking a different end product - a satisfied customer. Maximizing your sales potential requires producing the highest quality product. Your sales message is that “produce is not...
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