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Urban Ag home | Table of contents Whether you grow vegetables, raise livestock, or culture mushrooms, taking the time to learn more about the topics in this chapter will help you better use the resources available to you to maximize how much you produce while minimizing the impacts of challenges...

Season extension

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Growers producing food for the local market use a variety of methods to extend the growing season beyond what is traditionally possible in the local climate. Season extension methods can be as low-tech as starting transplants indoors and laying inexpensive row...

Production topics to learn more about

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Across production systems, there are several important urban production topics a grower will need to learn about and consider in their risk management planning: Urban soils and growing media Soil contamination assessment and risk management Nutrient management Crop...

Don't cook your crops! High tunnel heat management

High tunnel with sides rolled up for passive ventilation
It’s that time of year again. You’re out in the fields, busy, excited, maybe a little overwhelmed, getting your annual crops into the ground. The day started off cold and misty, but it cleared up just before noon and you got in a long, hot day of work planting transplants. Triumphant, you come back...

Growing High Tunnel Spring Crops

Saturday, Apr. 26, 2014 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Pereyra Farm
Participants can expect to learn the basics of high tunnel systems to include: site preparation, set-up, pricing, types of crops that can be grown, and financial assistance programs available from USDA. Note: Anyone in need of special services or accommodations in order to participate must call one...
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