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Urban Ag home | Table of contents Pursuing the correct marketing channels can be just as important to the success of a farm as its production practices. The four P’s of marketing are product, price, place, and promotion. What are the benefits and attributes of your product? What price are you going...

Urban advantages

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Figure 1: What makes your tomatoes different from all the other tomatoes your customers could buy? Photo by Edwin Remsberg, © University of Maryland—AGNR Image Library A good marketing plan begins with a firm grasp on the benefits and attributes of your product...

Chapter 3: Marketing challenges and opportunities

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Ginger S. Myers Extension Specialist, Marketing University of Maryland Extension Kim Rush Lynch Extension Educator University of Maryland Extension There are many marketing opportunities for urban farmers. When agriculture can take place literally in the customer’s...

Determine Your Contributive Margin Before Setting Your Price

Mastering Marketing - May 2016 As the marketing and cropping season gets into full swing, there are always questions about product pricing, marketing costs, and decision on what to produce. In the pricing module I use to teach the “Food for Profit” classes, we approach pricing by looking at both...

Who’s the Boss

Who's the Boss?
Mastering Marketing - April 2016 A primary attribute often given for being self-employed is “I’m my own boss.” But, business guru Peter Drucker stated, “The purpose of a business is to have a satisfied customer”. So, whether you’re a farmer, producer, or other type of small business owner; who’s...

Food for Profit Workshop

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014 - 9:00am
Howard County Extenstion Office - Ellicott City
Whether it’s making gourmet jams or jellies, baking bread and cakes, catering festive events or creating and packaging special dinners for one, food related businesses are becoming increasingly popular as a way to earn a living (or to add to your income). The cook’s creative flair, combined with...
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