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Moving Prices; Retaining Customers

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Mastering Marketing - January 2021 Happy New Year 2021, and like every new year before, this is prime planning time for your business. But unlike every year before, 2020 has given producers marketing challenges tagged by terms such as “pivoting,” “resilience,” and even “survival.” We are going into...

The Reluctant Entrepreneur

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Mastering Marketing - December 2020 In November, I had the opportunity to give a presentation through the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ (AGNR) new Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship (ACE) Virtual Center webinar series . The presentation was titled,...

Make List and Check Your Christmas Sales Plan Twice

Mastering Marketing - November 2020 Christmas has not been canceled for 2020! The September 2020, issue of the Mastering Marketing newsletter featured tools for holiday planning. That article is available on the Ag Marketing website by going to

Getting the Most from Your Email Program Spend

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Mastering Marketing - October 2020 business’ email service provider, content delivery format is more important than ever. While several social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are popular for sharing pictures and product promotions, email is still “The King” of online marketing tools...

Plan and Promote 2020 Holiday Sales and Activities Now

Christmas Tree Lot, Image by Prostooleh,
Mastering Markeing - September 2020 Despite months of sales disruptions across every retail category, people are now eager to “get out and do or buy something.” Agritourism activities and events remain popular this year, abet different in activities and protocols. Cashless and online ordering are...

Fall Agritourism in Maryland–Open for Business

 Movie screen on a hay wagon
Mastering Marketing - Special Edition August 2020 Fall is the peak season for most Agritourism farms nationwide. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, school tours, pick-your-own fruit, and weekend festivals can generate as much as 80 percent of this type of farm’s annual income. According to the US Census...

Retain More Customers Using Loyalty Programs

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Mastering Marketing - August 2020 Loyalty programs have proven themselves to be one of the best most effective marketing tools retail markets and service providers can implement for increasing revenue and repeat customers. As many as 84% of consumers say they are more apt to stick with a brand that...

Don’t Eat a Third Hand Tomato; Come to the Farmers’ Market

Farmer selling produce (tomatoes, beans, cabbage) at a Farmers' Market
Mastering Marketing - Special Edition 2020 STOP! Before you take another bite, you might want to consider that your food choices have a much bigger impact than you could ever imagine. Nothing beats the flavor of field-ripened Maryland tomatoes harvested at the height of their ruby blush. These...

The Ripple Effect

Water ripple
Mastering Marketing - Special Edition July 2020 Marketing trends usually address a category of products that are gaining in popularity or address a niche group of consumer wants or needs. While marketing strategies address how to implement your marketing plan to your target customers. The marketing...

Adjusting Direct Marketing to Selling On-line, a 24-7 Opportunity

Online shopping box sitting on computer keybord
Masterning Marketing - Special Edition June 2020 A shift was already underway to ordering food online in America, prior to the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. online grocery sales grew 22% in 2019 and, propelled by high demand from nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns, stands to surge about 40%...


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