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Urban advantages

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Figure 1: What makes your tomatoes different from all the other tomatoes your customers could buy? Photo by Edwin Remsberg, © University of Maryland—AGNR Image Library A good marketing plan begins with a firm grasp on the benefits and attributes of your product...

Marketing— The Root of All Profits

Mastering Marketing - March 2016 I’ve written, taught, and executed marketing ideas and plans for some time now. But, after pages and pages of text and theories, I’ve found marketing really boils down to a couple key concepts executed over three similar categories. And, marketing is truly the root...

Tools for Building Your Online Marketing Plan

Ag Marketing News Update I recently read that there are 16M new websites launched every month. That means that there are almost 200M new sites launched annually! These all contribute in multiples to the unfathomable amount of information on the Web. To that point - a Google search of the terms “On-...
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