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Capturing the Bounce; Surviving the Dip

Online grocery shopping
Mastering Marketing - April 2020 As we move through the realities the Covid-19 protocols, many are experiencing first hand its effect on their business’s viability. Whether you are dealing with a constricted or delayed Farmers Market, an unprecedented spike in your online and delivery orders, or...

Can SMART Ever Be Dumb??

SMART goals
Master Marketing - January 2020 December is often a “Slam” month for most direct marketers. Holiday sales, year-end inventories to conduct, annual profit projections, and the final push of multiple last quarter marketing initiatives that were often launched even before Halloween. The major goal is...

Digital marketing tools

Urban Ag home | Table of contents As mentioned earlier, if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. Working with a website developer to create your website is well worth the investment, however there are some low cost options on the market including user-friendly website builders such as...
"Ag Notes" is Harford County Extension's agricultural newsletter and is published at the beginning of each month. Inside the December 2019 issue: Grain marketing update Corn variety trials Soybean plant population research Grafted tomato research...More info

Building Your Holiday Gift Selections—Consider Gift Baskets

Gift basket
Mastering Marketing - November 2019 Although they’ve been around for a long time, gift baskets are still a “hot” holiday gift idea. Gift boxes are a near-perfect offering for direct marketers. They can be customized for the receiver, convenient for the giver, can be offered at different pricing...
This edition of Agronomy News includes articles on 2019 corn hybrid trials, new UMD weed specialist, research on starter fertilizer in corn, Extension winter production meetings, women in ag programs, soybean planting population study, corn...More info

3. Place

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Growers in Maryland have several marketing alternatives. Each alternative has characteristics that make it more advantageous for different types of producers. Important factors to consider when choosing a market or combination of markets include: the volume of...

2019 USDA Direct Marketing Summit

USDA Direct Marketing Summit, Chicago, IL.
Master Marketing - October 2019 Earlier this month I attended the 2019 USDA Direct Marketing Summit held in Chicago, IL. I had the opportunity to display one of the 22 poster presentations featured at the summit. My poster featured the Maryland Rural Enterprise Development Center’s Website, its...

Resources for pricing

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Several sites on-line provide excellent resources for checking weekly produce prices based on regional markets. A link to these resources will be at the end of this chapter. Previous page: Where to begin Next page: 3. Place

Where to begin

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Setting your price requires knowing who your customers are and what they are willing to spend on products like yours. It is vital to know your cost of production per item type since pricing below that will mean marketing at a loss. It also requires knowing your...


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