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Plan and Promote 2020 Holiday Sales and Activities Now

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Mastering Markeing - September 2020 Despite months of sales disruptions across every retail category, people are now eager to “get out and do or buy something.” Agritourism activities and events remain popular this year, abet different in activities and protocols. Cashless and online ordering are...
Maryland Direct Retail Ready Products News You Can Use - Product Development 1 This issue contains resources that will help you determine if it is a "Go, No, Go" decision for starting a new enterprise...More info

Maryland Direct Retail Ready Products News You Can Use-Product Development Part 1

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August 2020 MARYLAND DIRECT RETAIL READY PRODUCTS NEWS YOU CAN USE Product Development–Part 1 Our initial producer intake survey for the Maryland Direct Retail Ready Products showed that 75% of the enrolled group members had products in some stage of development and, the remaining 25% were in the...

Fall Agritourism in Maryland–Open for Business

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Mastering Marketing - Special Edition August 2020 Fall is the peak season for most Agritourism farms nationwide. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, school tours, pick-your-own fruit, and weekend festivals can generate as much as 80 percent of this type of farm’s annual income. According to the US Census...

Retain More Customers Using Loyalty Programs

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Mastering Marketing - August 2020 Loyalty programs have proven themselves to be one of the best most effective marketing tools retail markets and service providers can implement for increasing revenue and repeat customers. As many as 84% of consumers say they are more apt to stick with a brand that...

Mastering Marketing for New and Beginning Farmers

Sales are one-time transactions. Marketing is the process by which you identify a group of people who are willing and able to become and to remain your customers. As a new farmer, you won’t have established relationships with customers and potential buyers, yet. You must determine who wants and /...

What You Need to Know to Improve Your Grain Marketing Practices

Grain farmers face a number of marketing alternatives which vary in complexity and in the knowledge needed to make the most effective marketing choices. Individual grain producers have different marketing objectives, financial constraints, production situations and attitudes towards risk. This fact...

Understanding Grain Marketing Strategies is Critical for Success

The greater number of grain marketing tools available allow producers to increase their returns and reduce risks. Successful grain marketing involves a series of choices. It calls for tradeoffs among the farmer’s willingness and ability to accept price risk; amount of production risk associated...

Producers’ Guide to Grain Marketing Terminology

This publication provides a glossary of marketing and business terms as a reference for grain producers, or anyone involved in marketing or selling grain.

Understanding the Grain Basis

Learning about the local cash market and the futures market is crucial to understanding and using the grain basis. Grain basis affects farm profitability and it is important to have a solid grasp of tools, markets and historical numbers when making grain marketing decisions. Maryland farmers sell...


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