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Perfect Weather for Seed Maggots and Other Soil Pests

Figs. 1, 2 and 3. Swollen stem of cucurbit plant with collapsed rotting roots and seed maggot damage to bean. When stem is cut open maggots can be seen.
The weather we are having is perfect for several soil pests in growers’ vegetable fields. This sudden cool, wet spring is good weather for pests of seeds, transplants, and bulbs—like the seed corn maggot Delia platura (SCM) and other seed maggots such as Cabbage maggot Delia radicum (it prefers to...

Garlic Problems....Again

Garlic problems
May 9, 2013 Last year at about this same time, there were calls from growers about their garlic plantings turning yellow and wilting (fig. 1). When dug up, the bulbs were often times blackened and rotting with some or much of the basal plate or roots missing (fig. 2). The calls are coming in again...

Spotted Wing Drosophila Traps – Monitoring Adult Flight

Monitoring the adult flight of SWD will be important before grapefruit development this spring. Presence of the pest is the first step to determine future management strategies. Monitoring can take place immediately this growing season and persist throughout the season. All growers are encouraged...
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