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Potato Leaf Hoppers on Hops

I do not usually look at hops very much as only a few farms have them, but they are becoming a bit more common in the last 10 years (Fig. 1). Visiting two farms withy hops I saw marginal leaf damage (Fig. 2) on some leaves (found some thrips too) and then marginal leaf scorch on others (Fig. 3)...

The Gyspy Moth and the Homeowner (FS-242)

The gypsy moth caterpillar is the most serious threat to forests comprised of oak in the United States. Gypsy moths reach greatest densities where oaks are the most abundant trees. If you have oak trees on your property, gypsy moths pose a threat to the beauty and value of your land.

Stink Bug Damage Common in Tomatoes This Year

August 2013 This has been a bad year for stink bug damage in tomatoes. Just about every field I walk into has at least some damage while others have moderate to heavy damage (>20% tomatoes not marketable). Cloudy spot of tomato fruit is caused by the feeding of various species of stink bug (SB...

Insect Pest Management in Eggplant

2008 While eggplant production in Maryland is rather small, they are grown over the entire state to supply vegetable stands with many varieties. Because of its value growers frequently apply pesticides regularly in order to protect their investment. This often leads to development of insect...

Gold Flecking in Tomato Not Caused by Thrips or Mite Feeding

November 2010 Introduction: Tomatoes are one of the most profitable crops mid-Atlantic vegetable growers can produce, rivaling tobacco on a per acre basis. Though profitable, tomatoes are subject to many problems that can reduce yield and quality. One consistent quality reducing problem that...
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