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Managing Herbicide Resistant Common Ragweed

Common Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) is a native summer annual weed of many cropping systems in the mid-Atlantic. It is often encountered as weed in agronomic crops as well as vegetable, orchards, roadsides, and abandoned fields. Common ragweed can thrive in lower fertility soils and is often...

The Poison is in the Dose

Saturday, Jun. 30, 2018 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Calvert Library, Prince Frederick Branch
A discussion on friendly and non-friendly herbicides and pesticides, their persistence and effectiveness, and how to interpret their labels.

Weed of the Week - Herbicide Drift

In an attempt to deal with many landscape and turf weed problems, professionals use a wide variety of products. Professionals are always concerned about drift and many modifications have been made over the years to help decrease drift potential. Good applicators look at wind speed, nozzle type,...

Weed of the Week - Lesser Seeded Bittercress

Lesser-Seeded Bittercress, Cardamine oligosperma , seems to be abundant in the landscape currently. This is a newer weed in this area, and can be found in turf, landscape, in ground nursery and also container nursery production. Very similar to Hairy Bittercress, it is typically a summer annual,...

Weed of the Week - Lesser Celandine

Welcome back to our world of weeds. The undesired plants are already getting a good foothold for the new growing season. Lesser Celandine, Ranunculus ficaria L ., also known as Fig Buttercup and pilewort, is a perennial flowering herbaceous plant that is in the process of flowering currently in...

Weed of the Week - Broadleaf Dock

Warm weather has certainly settled upon us this week. I observed a landscape management crew out working in the beds preparing them for the war on weeds and was pleased to see that the mulch had been pulled back and that the pre-emergent herbicide was being applied below the mulch. This will...

Gardener Alert! Beware of Herbicide- Contaminated Compost and Manure

As gardeners know- “it all starts with the soil”. Improving soil quality with organic matter is essential for growing healthy plants. Many of us rely on manure and compost to improve soil structure and add slow-release nutrients. Unfortunately, even these natural materials can become contaminated...
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