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Spring Snow and Wheat

wheat field
By Andrew Kness, Agriculture Extension Educator University of Maryland Extension, Harford County Even though the calendar says spring, the weather does not always cooperate. Snow is predicted to hit some parts of Maryland later this week, particularly Northern Maryland. Producer’s may be wondering...

Early May Freeze: What’s The Risk to Our Grain Crops?

Andrew Kness Extension Educator, Agiculture University of Maryland Extension, Harford County It might seem odd reading an article about frost and freeze to grain crops in June, but we had a fairly widespread frost event in northern Maryland during the second week of May. As a result, I have been...

Understanding Grapevine Frost/Freeze Damage

Timely Viticulture - Dormant
Timely Viticulture Updated: April 7, 2016 Damage from low temperatures in early spring when grapevines are initiating their growth is a risk to sustainable/profitable winegrape production in the Eastern US. The majority of Maryland vineyards have not experienced a significant amount of freeze...
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