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Featured Plants - Rhubarb

Rheum acuminatum Tuck this perennial “fruit” into a flower or vegetable bed. Rhubarb can pass for a big-leaved hosta and also be handy for harvesting its delicious sour stems. Rhubarb wants full sun to light shade--not too hot. Given average moisture, established plants tolerate drought, but ‘wet...

Featured Plants - Plantain-leaved Pussytoes

Plantain-leaved Pussytoes - Photo by Marian Hengemihle
Antennaria plantaginifolia When faced with difficult dry poor soils, consider pussytoes. There are several species of this native perennial ground cover, whose fuzzy white flower heads resemble the pads on a cat’s paw. It is primarily grown for its semi-evergreen gray-green foliage rather than its...

Featured Plants - Blue False Indigo

Blue False Indigo - Photo by Debbie Ricigliano
Baptisia australis Baptisa australis was 2010 Perennial of the Year, a well-deserved distinction for a native plant that provides interest for multiple seasons throughout the year. This deer-resistant beauty is drought tolerant, adaptable to soil conditions, and low maintenance once established. It...

Featured Plants - Wax Begonia

Wax Begonia - Photo by Christine Pfister McComas
Begonia semperflorens-cultorum Many flower lovers were deeply worried--experts say to forgo planting impatiens this season. A new disease, impatiens downy mildew , devastated impatiens wallerina in most Maryland gardens last year. Infected stands went from blossoming beauties to nude stems in short...

Featured Plants - Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris - Photo by Minnesota Extension
Iris germanica Rainbows with beards? Iris means rainbow in Greek, yet iris come in more colors than a rainbow. Their beard , a fuzzy appendage on the lower petal, apparently attracts or directs pollinators to pollen. Richly fragrant with big flower heads, iris make a big statement in spring. Now...

Featured Plants - Stokes' Aster

Stokes’Aster - Photo by Marian Hengemihle
Stokesia laevis ‘Klaus Jelitto’ Native to the southeastern US, this easy to grow perennial makes a colorful addition to sunny borders, containers, and wildflower or cutting gardens. In summer floral arrangements, blooms persist about a week after cutting. ‘Klaus Jelitto’ variety, named for the...


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