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Virtual Vegetable Grower Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020 - 8:00am to 12:00pm
Online (If not able to join online or on your phone, please contact your local ag agent)
Virtual Winter Vegetable Grower Meeting Wednesday, December 2, 2020 | 8am-Noon Registration: 8:00am Legalities of Direct Farm Marketing Specialty Crops Sarah Everhart, Legal Specialist University of Maryland 8:30am Maryland Food Safety Program Update Angela Ferelli,...

Red Leaves in the Vineyard—Diagnosis and Management

Timely Viticulture Timeline: Pre-Bloom to Post Harvest
It is not uncommon to walk a vineyard row and find some vines with red leaves somewhere in the canopy. Red leaves can appear at any time in the growing season and are caused by many biotic (viruses, bacteria and fungus) and abiotic (nutrient deficiencies, cold injury and damage to root systems, etc...

Pest management: weeds, diseases, insects, and more!

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Figure 17: The holes in this eggplant are an example of the kind of cosmetic damage that insect feeding can cause. Photo by Neith Little. Pests can quickly eat up an urban farmers’ yields and profits—quite literally! How to prevent and control pests is a huge topic...

Production topics to learn more about

Urban Ag home | Table of contents Across production systems, there are several important urban production topics a grower will need to learn about and consider in their risk management planning: Urban soils and growing media Soil contamination assessment and risk management Nutrient management Crop...

A Mindfulness-based Approach in Reducing Stress

Stress is a universal phenomenon. It is crucial for the human existence as it helps us prepare for the challenges and threats of daily life. However, chronic exposure to stress can deeply impact our health and wellbeing. Hence it is important to manage daily stresses. Mindfulness is one of the key...
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