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crown gall

Red Leaves in the Vineyard—Diagnosis and Management

Timely Viticulture Timeline: Pre-Bloom to Post Harvest
It is not uncommon to walk a vineyard row and find some vines with red leaves somewhere in the canopy. Red leaves can appear at any time in the growing season and are caused by many biotic (viruses, bacteria and fungus) and abiotic (nutrient deficiencies, cold injury and damage to root systems, etc...

Hilling-Up to Prevent Winter Injury in Vineyards

Timely Viticulture - Post Harvest thu Dormant
Winter injury is the single most limiting factor to grape production in the Eastern United States. Although we had experienced limited damage in the last 20 years, many vineyards in the Mid-Atlantic reported winter injury following the harsh winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15. Although it has not been...
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