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What’s your favorite variety of LETTUCE?   Leaf, Romaine, Crisphead, Butterhead?

Lettuce is a cool season crop that can be planted from mid-March till May or from mid-August to late September. Try different varieties and plant every two week for a long growing season!

Plant in full sun and water in the morning; follow your seed packet instructions.

Lettuce can even be grown in shallow containers. Containers may dry out more quickly so daily watering may be necessary.

Leaf Lettuce Romaine Lettuce
Crisphead Lettuce Butterhead Lettuce

Try a Salad box or Table!

More information about how to grow and tend your lettuce crop as well as other vegetables can be found on the Grow it, Eat it website.

Learn more about lettuce at

What is Bolting? 

High temps can cause the formation of a seed stalk, this is called bolting. Lettuce will take on a bitter flavors when this occurs.

Slow–bolting  or heat resistant varieties (oak-leaf) are  recommended for extending the lettuce growing season. Floating row covers or shade cloth will also help summer grown lettuce.

In general, we recommend spring and fall crops.



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