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Nutrition and Food Safety Programs


Liat Mackey is an Extension Educator with the University of Maryland Extension in St. Mary's County.  She has a Master's in Agriculture and Food Technology, and she is a registered, licensed dietitian/nutritionist.  Extension educators "educate people to help themselves" and help find "solutions in your community".  In Southern Maryland, Liat teaches residents how to eat nutritiously and safely to promote optimal health.

Community Nutrition Education

Through nutrition education, individuals, families, and community groups learn how food choices affect their health and well-being.  Good nutrition and physical activity habits promote normal growth and development in children and adolescents, and help prevent the development of chronic diseases, like diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.  Practical ways to shop, cook, eat and be healthier are the central theme of education.

Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE)

The FSNE program is a nutrition and food resource management program to help families who qualify for the food supplement benefit (food stamps). Extension and community partners, including schools, work together to educate individuals and families how to plan, select, prepare and consume healthy meals on a limited income.

Child Care Provider Training

Many children are cared for by child care providers outside the family home while their parents are working.  Providers play an important role in raising healthy children and can positively influence children's eating and physical activity habits.  Providers are trained how to serve healthy meals and snacks and provide a healthy environment for children.

Food Safety Education

Those who prepare food for themselves, their family and others to minimize the risk of foodborne illness.  In group classes, food handlers and home canners are educated in the safe preparation, preservation and service of foods.  Individuals are encouraged to find answers to individual questions and concerns by phone or email, and to call and schedule annual pressure canner gauge checks (Presto brands only).

For more information on nutrition and food safety programs, contact the St. Mary's County Extension Office.


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