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4-H Volunteers and Leaders


A 4-H Club Leader:

  • Is an adult volunteer who enjoys working with youth between the ages of 5-18 years of age in a club atmosphere. Club members elect officers, plan a yearly program, take part in community service activities, and work on 4-H projects in their clubs, at workshops, or on their own.
  • A 4-H club Leader serves as an advisory and mentor to the members. Your tasks as a leader will vary according to the interest of the members, the time you can give, and the commitment of your member's parents.
  • Regular club meetings are usually held monthly or bi-monthly to conduct club business, plan events, and do project demonstrations.
  • 4-H Volunteers will receive training and support from the local 4-H Office when starting a club. This support and training will continue throughout the years as a 4-H Club Leader.
  • Our goal as Leaders and Extension Educators is to help young people become mature, competent, and responsible young adults. We aim to provide educational experiences that promote mental, physical, and social growth. A 4-H Volunteer
  • A 4-H Volunteer does not have to be a club leader or parent of a 4H member. They can be from the community. Adults who wish to share talents and experiences, or college students wishing to work more closely with younger children can volunteer their services.
  • 4-H Volunteers, Club members, Club leaders, and parents can all have FUN together. Everyone gets involved when it comes to "hands-on" learning opportunities. Volunteers share in the laughs and smiles as the members feel successful and gain confidence in their work.
  • Life skills are developed. Volunteers help members develop skills that will help them succeed in their future endeavors. Volunteers can us 4-H projects to help youth develop good decision-making skills, recordkeeping, responsibility, time-management, public speaking and more.
  • Special programs can also be fun. Spend time teaching how to preserve tomatoes, make bread, take a perfect picture, make a rocker, or sew a dress. Project interest programs are also offered for sheep, beef, swine, goats, and dog obedience--if you have an interest in assisting these areas. Volunteer adults from the community are always needed. If interested in this opportunity, feel free to volunteer.
  • Volunteers and Leaders can help youth in:
  • Demonstrations - Sharing what they know with each other.
  • Judging - the 4-H member is the Judge! This teaches standards, judgment, quality recognition and more.
  • Club Tours - Clubs plan visits to project related businesses, learning the "how's and why's" of an operation.

4-H Volunteer Forms:

  1. 4-H Volunteer Activity Log [pdf file]
  2. Fundraiser Approval Request form [pdf]
  3. Volunteer Application [pdf] [MS word document]

Club Officer Forms

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