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4-H Clover Program

A Program Designed for Youth Ages 5-7 years

1. Youth ages 5-7 years as of January 1 of the club year may enroll in the Maryland 4-H Clover Program.

2. The educational system for the Clover Program is activity based and developmentally appropriate for youth ages 5-7 years. Clover activities will be conducted using curriculum reviewed and approved for Clover use by the State 4-H Office. 4-H projects, activities, and contests designed for older 4-H members are not appropriate for this age group.

3. Clovers may participate through any authorized 4-H delivery system:

  • Community/Project Clubs
  • School Enrichment Groups
  • Special Interest Groups Clover groups may be individual units or part of an 8-18 years 4-H Club. In a combined group, Clover groups must meet separately from the older members to work on Clover curriculum activities. The minimum requirements for 4-H Clubs/Groups are:
  • MCE Volunteers - 2
  • Youth Ages 5-7 - 5
  • Ratio 1:6, Adults/teens:members--minimum that must be maintained

4. All adult volunteers working with the 4-H Clover Program must be MCES Volunteers. Training for Clover volunteers would also include: a. The policies of the Maryland 4-H Clover Program. b. Learning and development characteristics of Clover Youth. c. Cooperative work with parents. d. Use of Clover curriculum materials.

5. Fairs and similar activities where Clovers exhibit their work or skills should emphasize success and be non-competitive. Clovers should get feedback on their efforts and all Clover exhibitors receive the same recognition. Clover exhibits should be the direct result of their work in Clover activities. Participation in other activities such as shooting sports, operation of motorized equipment, and raising and showing of animals are not appropriate for this age level--even if they are non-competitive.

6. Family camps or short duration overnights especially designed to include youth ages 5-7 years are suitable for Clovers. Programs of the Maryland Cooperative Extension are open to all citizens without regard to race, color, age, national origin, sex, or disability.

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