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  • Fruit (Website)
    Web pages on Production & Harvesting, Cultivars & Rootstocks, Soil Fertility & Management, Pest & Diseases, Weed Management, Organic Production, Sustainable Agriculture, Personal Safety, and Business Management. Penn State Extension

  • Growing Pears in Virginia 422-017 (Fact Sheet)
    Information on establishing and growing Cherries. Virginia Cooperative Extension, Richard P. Marini, Extension Specialist, Horticulture, Virginia Tech

  • Organic Pear Productions (Publication)
    Introduction to commercial organic pear production covers pear diseases, disease-resistant culti¬vars, rootstocks, insect and mite pests, and their treatment, Asian pears, and marketing. Digital Price: $1.99, Print Price: $4.99, Kindle Price: $1.99.
    National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, Guy K. Ames and Holly Born, NACT Agriculture Specialists, Published April 2003, updated May 2012, © NCAT IP167, 16 pages
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