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Pesticide Safety Information & Education

To use pesticides classified as restricted, you must be certified to apply the restricted products by passing an examination which is administered by The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA). Once obtained, you need to be re-certified yearly, by attending courses that are approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) due to changing laws and pesticide application requirements.

The University of Maryland Extension offers MDA-approved training opportunities to assist those seeking certification or re-certification.

To find out more, go to Pesticide Education & Assessment Program
University of Maryland, Department of Entomology for information on Private and Commercial Applicator Training.

Water Soluble Packaging Label Changes!

Revised label language for Pesticide Products in Water Soluble Packaging to Protect Handlers. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has sent a letter to registrants of products with water soluble packaging (WSP) with revised instructions to be placed on the label of those products. When used properly, WSP can significantly reduce handler exposure during the mixing and loading of pesticides, qualifying it as a closed mixing/loading system under the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard. However, some unintended practices in the field are actually increasing the risks, negating the intention of the technology.

EPA worked with state officials and a task force of pesticide registrants to examine the issue and develop the improved language in order to eliminate misuse and protect handlers.

The Agricultural Handler Exposure Task Force (a group formed by multiple registrants of agricultural products to generate exposure data in support of registration) uncovered this problem while conducting exposure studies for water soluble packaging. They observed improper use of products in water soluble packaging, such as spraying the products with high pressure water and intentional breaking of water soluble bags. The task force notified EPA of their observations and offered draft label language to address the improper use of the products.

The new label language includes detailed, step-by-step instructions specifically designed to correct misuse and protect handlers from exposure. Click here for the draft instructions...


Applicator Regulation, Storage and Tranport Information

Pesticide Application Labels

A label must be in the possession of the user at the time of pesticide application.

Pesticide Container Recycling Program

Maryland’s pesticide container recycling program is a combined effort of state, county, and federal agencies and private industry working together to protect the environment. Rinsing and recycling empty pesticide containers will help to reduce the potential for contamination of ground water and the Chesapeake Bay while saving valuable landfill space.

More information on the program and collection days click here ...

MDA Pesticide Container and Containment Regulations

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MDA Pesticide Disposal Program

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