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Timely Viticulture is an electronic newsletter that is designed to give those in the grape industry a timely reminder of things they should be considering in the vineyard. Since we are all busy it is not meant to be an exhaustive list of things to consider or even a full discussion of the options. It is just meant to think about what is happening and what is coming up, with some comments.  To subscribe to receive this publication, please contact Dr. Fiola at 301-432-2767 x344 or by email

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Dormant (November-February)

Pre-Bloom (March-May)

Bloom (May)

Post-Bloom (June)

Mid-Season (June-July)

Pre-Harvest (August)

Harvest (August-September)

Post-Harvest (October)


2016 Sample Wine Grape Spray Schedule (pdf)
Ben Beale, Extension Educator, UME-St. Mary's County
Cassandra Swett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Grape and Small Fruit Pathology


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